taking a baking hiatus in one month!

24 Jun

Don’t let the title worry you!

On August 8th, I’ll be flying out of Toronto and into the heart of Vietnam, leaving behind good ol’ Canada for two months! I’m going to backpack from South to North Vietnam for the first three weeks, from Ho Chi Minh City until I eventually arrive in Ha Noi. Once in Ha Noi, the real reason I’m leaving for Vietnam will finally kick in: I’m interning at Vietnam’s VTV6 television news station for six weeks, as part the requirement for the final year of the Journalism Broadcast program at my university.

While I won’t be able to bake cakes or cookies, or indulge in my chocolate/oreo cookie addiction overseas, I decided that food is too big a part of my life to abandon for two whole months. While I won’t be able to bake and therefore update this blog, I’ve decided to keep a blog/diary/photoblog of my adventures in the motherland. You can follow my culinary travails at Chocolate Fool’s Tasty Vietnamese Tales, and read about my take on the Vietnamese people, culture, life and food.

I return back to Toronto on October 8th, and will then vicariously delve back into my baking (and updating this blog) again =)

However, between now and August 8th, I’m sure to update/post on Chocolate Fool at least 4 or 5 more times! Keep checking back for more goodies, and make sure to read about my Vietnamese tales!

xo dessertchick

One Response to “taking a baking hiatus in one month!”

  1. Memoria June 30, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

    Have a safe trip!

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