cinnaswirls revisited

12 Feb

The cinnabon-wannabe swirley cookie things were a big hit by all my friends who make it a habit to eat all my food and leave me with nothing. So, I decided to make the cookies again, and try a bit harder to improve the aesthetics-  ‘cuz it’s all about how you look, babycakes.

Anyhow, I doubled the recipe, and only made 4 rectangles of dough in total, so I had a greater surface area which I could douse with delicious cinnamon sugar.


As you can see, the swirls are more prominent and it’s a pretty pretty cookie! Still very soft and enticing, and very addictive, so I gave most of them away again – which really was counterproductive of my earlier complaints.

And for those of you wondering, I snagged this recipe from my ridiculously nice Italian nonna.

xo dessertchick

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